V2 HOG Ring

The V2 HOG ring; A custom made ring featuring a Harley Davidson V2 engine mounted on a ring. This version is silver with two Australian Black Jade cabochons and a 6mm Russian White Sapphire.

The Harley Davidson is not only a motorbike for the Bikies but has become a must have for many other interested bike riders. The Harley Davidson has become a symbol of American industrial manufacturing and design.

Is it a ring or a knuckle duster? It's certainly large and audacious and, because of its size, it reminds some people of a knuckle duster. But at the same time contemporary ring designs have grown in size to cover more than one finger and indeed often include two finger rings. So the design of the V2 Hog ring is very modern, intricate and perhaps outlandish. It appeals to anyone interested in new and unusual designs.

In the end, I'll leave it to you to decide whether it's a ring or knuckle duster.