Split Dice

Hello to all. My name is Pete Dehlsen and I hail from the land down under, Australia.

I've been practicing the art of lapidary for some 15 years and have been working as a professional musician for over 35 years. At the same time I'm also a practicing solicitor and father of two and carer for my elderly father. It all keeps me very busy but I believe I am blessed to be able to achieve these things.

Constructing this website from scratch without any training is again another challenge so I hope you will bear with me while I learn and get it organised.

This is my Split Dice recently carved from one piece of Petrified Wood. It's three boxes intersecting each other and produces the six unique faces for a dice.

More to come so please check out some of my other works.

I have also written and recorded a number of musical works ranging from contemporary jazz to pop rock and plan to get these onto this site as well.

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